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    Restoration Gray (Quart)

    Product ID : restoration_gray_quart
    Price: $79.00


    Restoraton Gray "Reactive Wood Stain"
    Weatherwood Stains
    Size: Quart

    Restoration Gray is a reactive stain that actually oxidizes the wood just as nature would.  Restoration Gray is used to create beautiful, barn wood or driftwood for all types of wood species. Restoration Gray is used to turn all wood types into a warm brown weathered look, with gray tones. Each coat of stain will make wood darker, bringing out more of the gray tones. This special formula creates the raw wood look achieved from traditional use of ammonia smoking wood!  It is especially beautiful on hardwoods. Colors will vary based on wood species.

    It is both an Interior and Exterior stain, suitable for hardwoods, soft woods, veneers, & reclaimed wood:            
    • EXTERIOR PROJECTS - Weatherwood Stain's EXTERIOR WATERPROOFER MUST be applied. For Exteriors projects, use with Weatherwood Exterior Sealer.
    • INTERIOR PROJECTS where someone will touch the wood need a topcoat, especially floors, cabinetry and furniture. Seal with your favorite Weatherwood Stains topcoat
    ​It can be sealed with the finish of your choice, including Weatherwood Oils & Topcoat Varnishes. Restoration Gray, reactive wood stain, is an industrial quality product suitable for commercial use.

    This special formula creates the beautiful warm gray you would achieve from ammonia soaking wood. Restoration Gray can be applied 3 different ways. Now you obtain the look of barn wood or drift wood. Colors are wood species dependent, so either experiment or use our color chart. (View Chart in Gallery) 
    • For a light weathered look, you can apply the stain and wipe it back off.
    • For a medium weathered gray, you can drench the wood and allow the oak to absorb the stain, turning gray as it dries. 
    • Unlike some of our stains, color is build-able, and will progressively darker with each coat. For major weathering, you can apply multiple coats of stain to get just the right shade.
    Additional Information:
    • One Quart treats 125 sq. ft. 
    • This size of Weatherwood's Restoration Gray is enough for a small kitchen, a few pieces of furniture, or a bathroom vanity.
    • TEST A PRODUCT BEFORE APPLYING: Apply a test sample on a small inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire job, stain is reactive and color results are wood species dependent. UNIFORMITY: Because Weatherwood Restoration Gray is based on the natural tannins within the wood itself, resulting wood coloration, darkness, and possibly hue will vary from board to board creating a beautiful and natural display.

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